About TXCPA Dallas

TXCPA Dallas, a chapter of the Texas Society of CPAs (TXCPAs) is a not-for-profit professional association serving approximately 6,200 CPA members in Dallas and the surrounding 13 counties. It is the second largest chapter of the TXCPA, the statewide professional association with over 27,000 members and 20 chapters around the state.

Our Mission.

To elevate the proficiency, integrity & character of the profession; to cultivate professional cooperation & social interaction among members; & promote cooperation within the TSCPA and other CPA organizations.

Have your CPA license protected and promoted by the Dallas Chapter.

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What We Do:

A Board of Directors, elected from among the membership, is charged with the responsibility of governing the Chapter. The Society’s activities and committees are organized in the following categories: Community Affairs, Continuing Professional Education, Membership, Political Action and Financial Resources.

Where We Came From:

TXCPA Dallas has been providing members with professional support since its inception on June 29, 1929. The most significant growth for this organization has happened within the past 20 years. In 1972, the Chapter office filled 700 square feet in the Republic Bank Building in downtown Dallas. At that time, there were just under 1,700 members. Two staff members were running the office.

Dallas CPA Women

TXCPA Dallas Today:

The Chapter currently occupies over 5,000 square feet of space in north Dallas, serves over 6,200 CPAs and employs four full-time and one part-time staff members.

The professional composition of the Chapter’s membership is split 44:56 between CPAs in public accounting and those in industry, government and education. Women are rapidly joining the ranks of a once male-dominated profession, with national estimates indicating approximately 50 percent of those entering the field today to be women. The Chapter average is 41:59 women to men.

Awards and Accolades

In the nearly 100 years of service, TXCPA Dallas members have been recognized many times. Here are a few of the awards we’ve won. The following is a listing of recent award winners.

CPA of the Year

Richard Bowen – 2012
Terri Hornberger – 2018
Lisa Ong – 2018-2019
Tim Pike – 2019-2020

Meritorious Service

Willie Hornberger – 2012

Outstanding Committee Chair

Justin Watson & John Wauson – 2012
Kirby Jackson – 2018
Donovan Miller – 2019-2020
Kyle Wakeland – 2019-2020

Outstanding Committee Member

Shari Ellington & Stephanie Braislin Brandt – 2012
Jason Freeman – 2014
Nancy Waggoner – 2018
Tiffany Bortz – 2018-2020
Isreal Miller – 2019-2020

Special Chairman’s Award

Sharon Lukich & Lisa Ong – 2014
Wayne Shaw – 2015
John Perkins – 2017

Special Contributor of the Year

Mike Brower – 2014

Stanley J. Scott CPE Award

Wayne Shaw – 2012
Kendall Helfenbein – 2013
Ken Horwitz – 2014
Bill Moss – 2018
Jennifer Johnson – 2019-2020

Young CPA of the Year

Adam Tarnow – 2012
Tim Pike – 2014
Michael Shimanek – 2018
Jason Freeman – 2018 – 2019
Chris Hes – 2019 – 2020

Our Priorities

Professional Excellence

By pushing initiatives at every level of the profession, we endeavor to set a high bar for CPAs and help our members reach it.

Community & Connection

We believe that CPAs are stronger together, which is why we foster community to strengthen every CPA in the Dallas Chapter.


We are proactive and involved at the local, state and national level, because we believe we can improve the profession for all members..