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Controller/CFO CPE Series

The Dallas CPA Society is pleased to present the 2016-2017 Controller/CFO CPE Series. These four-hour sessions will investigate various issues experienced in accounting through a functional, rather than industry, lens.

Join us for the first class, Communicating to Non-Financial Individuals, How to Get Your Message Across, on Thursday, September 29th, and discover new ways to deal with one of the greatest challenges facing accounting professionals and our second class, Practical Excel Workshop for Accountants, on Monday, October 17th, that will focus on helping you save time and utilize some of the most common features in Excel.

Communicating to Non-Financial Individuals,
How to Get Your Message Across

Course Description:
One of the most difficult challenges facing the profession is the ability to convert technical and sometimes complicated financial data into meaningful information for decision-making.  This program will address ways to convert financial data into simple terms. 

Learning Objectives:
Attendees will learn:
  • How to identify the level of financial understanding of the audience
  • Keys on specific accounting concepts most often misunderstood
  • Techniques in preparing a formal accounting presentation
  • How to be persuasive

Date: September 29, 2016
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: 12400 Coit Road #750, Dallas, TX  75251
Course No.:    17240412
CPE Credits: 4
Prerequisites: None
Category: Basic  
Cost:  Member /$25; Non-Member / $125

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Practical Excel Workshop for Accountants

Course Description:
This workshop will focus on helping you save time and utilize some of the most common features in Excel. This will reinforce some features you may already know as well as introduce you to new alternatives. The course will begin with helping you navigate more efficiently in Excel and then begin to focus on how to import data and convert TEXT TO COLUMNS. Next we will work with data to better utilize features and areas within Excel to analyze data and tell your accounting story. The course will cover topics such as SORT and SUBTOTAL, as well an introduction to PIVOT Tables and the use of VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH. We will review some great tips for formatting pages for printing and how to record a MACRO to help with formatting. We will look at how to get data from Excel into a presentation both with and without links. To wrap up the session we will give a brief demonstration of a new feature in Excel 2013, Excel PowerView, and how this can be used to visualize data in a whole new way. NOTE: Instruction and course materials will be presented utilizing Excel 2013 for Windows.

Learning Objectives:
Topics covered will include the following:
  • Overall review of the ribbons, tabs, backstage area and the Quick Access toolbar. Learn how to customize Excel for your own use.
  • Shortcut keys and commands. Learn a few simple shortcut keys that will help you quickly move in, around, and between worksheets and workbooks.
  • Import Data. Import data from CSV files and Convert TEXT TO COLUMNS so data is better organized and useful for analysis. We will also look at ways to quickly fill blank cells with GO TO SPECIAL features.
  • Data organization and use. Now that you have data into Excel we will go through features to organize and find data including FILTER, TRANSPOSE, GROUP, SORT and SUBTOTAL.
  • PIVOT TABLES. Brief introduction to PIVOT TABLES and how they can be used to analyze and group data
  • VLOOKUP, SUMIF and INDEX MATCH. VLOOKUP is one of the most commonly utilized features in Excel. We will explore when VLOOKUP is most appropriate and how to select the arguments of the function and deal with common errors in VLOOKUP. Afterwards we will look at two other features, SUMIF(S) and INDEX MATCH and understand how these are similar but different in use to VLOOKUP. We will explore the arguments utilized in these additional functions and demonstrate their use.
  • Formatting and Printing. We are not all as paperless we would like, so we will review some common tips on how to format and print worksheets and workbooks and convert them to .pdf files. We will also look at how to copy and paste data into a presentation with links. We will record a simple MACRO to help you automate some of your most common formatting features.
  • PowerView and Data Visualization. Brief introduction to the PowerView features available in Excel 2013 and higher to help you better visual and present accounting data.

Date: October 17, 2016
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: 12400 Coit Road #750, Dallas, TX  75251
Course No.:    17240514
CPE Credits: 4
Prerequisites:Basic knowledge of how to use Excel.
Category: Basic  
Cost:  Member /$25; Non-Member / $125

And stay tuned for information on upcoming Controller/CFO CPE Series sessions!

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