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Are you interested in reasonably priced advertising within a targeted market? The Dallas CPA Society monthly newsletter, Visions, contains Chapter information, legislative updates and a CPE schedule that is distributed to approximately 6,000 CPAs in Dallas and our 13-county chapter area. The newsletter is also on this web site.

Classified Ads Work! Your classified ad may be listed in either our CPA Dallas Visions Newsletter, on the CPA Dallas web site or both. Ad categories include Business Opportunity, CPE, Employment Opportunities, Office Space, Practice Development, Practices for Sale and Wanted, Professional Opportunities, Professional Services, Situations Wanted. You can also include a logo/graphic (150pixels x 100pixels) as well as a link to your web site. Email links ,if included in your classified ad, are free. Reply to file option is available also.

Please choose the size of your classified and what options you'd like. Once you make your purchase please send your classified text and logo if applicable and email them to classified@cpadallas.org

Deadlines: Advertising is due by the 20th of the month preceding desired publication date (example: for publication in the August issue, deadline is July 20th, except holidays when the deadline is the 15th). Ads for the web site may be inserted at any time and are usually posted within three working days.

Cancellations must be received before the publication deadline and in writing (e-mail is acceptable) or the advertiser is responsible for payment.

Payment: For first-time advertisers, advertisements must be prepaid. Options for recurring advertisers include continuing pre-payment, or monthly billing immediately after publication. No cash discounts are given. The Dallas CPA Society reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders from advertisers with past due accounts.

Classified ads for the newsletter or web site must be received in insertion-ready HTML, MS WORD format or text. The Dallas CPA Society does not edit copy. Please see below for the Advertising Insertion Form, which can be submitted electronically to classified@cpadallas.org or faxed to the Chapter office (Fax: 972-960-2040).

Display ads must be submitted in camera-ready art format and must be in the correct ad size. They must be submitted as a GIF or JPEG file, size 430 pixels by 250 pixels, width and height may be reversed. Other file formats that will be accepted are PSD, Photoshop, TIFF or BMP. Display ads can be posted in the newsletter only.

If you choose to ad your logo to your classified it must be no larger than 150 x 100 pixels and be in either JPG or GIF format.  Email your Logo & Ad Text to classified@cpadallas.org

If you would like to receive a price quote, please email your specifications to admasst@cpadallas.org

[Click Here] to download the Advertising Insertion Form (Word Doc)

Visions Monthly Newsletter

$10 insertion fee (applied to each new ad)
$ 1 per word (Each word, including articles, prepositions, etc. Symbols such as &, @ are changed to the words they represent to be consistent with the publication's style.)
There is a minimum total charge of $30.00.
$8 - Reply to File (If you wish to have responses to ads come to the Chapter, we will attach a number to your ad and forward the responses to you).
$10 - Link to your web site
$15 - Company logo

Chapter Web Site
$10 insertion fee (applied to each new ad)
$ 1 per word, per month if published on the web site only.
If the identical ad is also published in the Visions newsletter, the following discounts apply:
$50 per month - on ads under 100 words
$75 per month - on ads with 101-250 words
$100 per month - on ads with 251+ words
Visions classified ad rates apply [i.e., a 75-word classified in Visions would cost $85 ($1 x 75=$75 + $10 insertion fee=$85. To place the identical ad on the web would be $50 for a total of $135 ($50 + $85)]

Display Ad Rates (Newsletter or Web Site):
$25 insertion fee (applied to each new ad)
$163 for the first month. If the ad is run for more than one month, the following rates apply:
3 months: $147 per month
6 months: $139 per month
12 months: $131 per month

To learn more about advertising in the Dallas CPA Society's newsletter or web site, contact Receptionist at 972/960-8311 , or admasst@cpadallas.org.

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